Carnaval de Québec Recovering from “Free Fall” with “Disastrous” Management

Carnaval de Québec Recovering from “Free Fall” with “Disastrous” Management

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 September 2015 – Past iterations of the Carnaval de Québec suffered from “disastrous” management, according to Québec City mayor Régis Labeaume.  Speaking to journalists before a pick-up game of ball hockey, the mayor did not mince his words regarding the past administration of the city’s famous winter carnival.

The condemnation comes just days after the mayor made similarly damning comments against organisers of the ExpoQuébec summer fair.  Both events have been recording important deficits in recent years, with the Carnaval dipping 500,000$ into the red in 2015.  The Carnaval was only saved by debt relief from the municipal and provincial governments, leading the mayor to comment that the Carnaval’s main interaction with the city was to “pump public funds to make payroll.”

Earlier in the week, the Carnaval’s newly appointed administration – in place specifically to redress the Carnaval’s management – made a grim statement about the current state of the Carnaval, referring to a festival in “free fall” before replacing the organisation’s interim director.  A report has apparently been commissioned on the past management of the Carnaval but remains unavailable to the public.

The mayor however reiterated his intention to renew the Carnaval, which is the city’s best-known event worldwide.  A new administration is in place to give the winter event a management overhaul, though the results will only be known by 2017.

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