Carnaval Queen’s Ball draws 400

Carnaval Queen’s Ball draws 400

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 February 2015 – “It’s my ball!” exclaimed the excited and smiling Queen of the Carnaval de Québec, Marie-Andrée Boucher. As is tradition, the Queen’s Ball was held Friday night at the Chateau Frontenac, where the glamour, the magic, and the North were honored.

Champagne glasses in hand, nearly 400 guests gathered in the historic castle ballroom to celebrate with Bonhomme and his queen, who was “glowing, inspiring, worthy of my Carnaval!” according to the iconic snowman.

“It’s like a fairy tale, it’s great!” said Queen Marie-Andrée Boucher, Duchesse of Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, adding that this party is for her and the other six duchesses to celebrate the culmination of several weeks of hard work. “It’s a way to close the loop,” she said. She immediately added: “My two boys are anxious that I would share it with Bonhomme!”

In the ballroom, which was on the appearance of a real ice world, with chairs reminiscent of ice, frosted decorations, and blue light.

“It’s beautiful!” lauded the Lévis Mayor Gilles Lehouillier, linking immediately by saying that the deckchairs were exceptional, “particularly that of Lévis,” smiling at the same time to the Duchesse of Lévis, Valérie Beaudoin-Carle who was standing nearby.

The Queen’s Ball is a tradition as old as Carnaval, and the challenge for the organizers is to recreate the magic every year. For its 61st edition, the Ball was inspired by Québec’s standing as a northern territory.

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