Carpooling Starting on Robert Bourassa

Carpooling Starting on Robert Bourassa

Quebec City (Quebec) September 30, 2014 – The trial run for the carpooling lanes on Robert Bourassa started this week first thing Monday morning. The idea of 2+ vehicles being able to drive in the reserved bus lines is a good one, allowing the two lane boulevard to become three lanes during rush hour traffic, helping to relieve the normal traffic jams that develop between 3:30 and 5:30.

Leading up to the event the rumours and enthusiasm were positive but, on Monday morning the number of cars actually taking advantage of the “fast lanes” was minimal. It is the first time that carpool lanes are being used in the city and it will probably take some getting used to before people actually start using them on a daily basis. Like anything else that is new, there is always a “breaking in” period, and it would appear that the carpooling lane theory is true to the expression.

The Ministry of Transport will be watching and evaluating the traffic flow on Robert Bourassa for the next few months to determine if the whole idea was a good one and whether or not the public is using the system to its full capacity.

After the studies, statistics will be available on a website titled “” showing the daily use and if indeed the idea will have made a difference. The 2+ rule not only applies to adults but, includes drivers with a child or baby in a car seat, which opens the lanes to a good number of users.

We’ll know in a couple months just what impact the whole system will have on traffic but, it should be somewhat positive once everyone is on board and used to the program.

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