CEDEC Announces its Board of Directors for 2012-2013

CEDEC Announces its Board of Directors for 2012-2013

HUNTINGDON, QC – September , 2012 – CEDEC (Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation) is proud to announce its Board of Directors for 2012-2013 elected at the organization’s Annual General Meeting, held September 12, 2012 in Quebec City. 

John Gancz, who was acclaimed as President, outlined several key accomplishments realized in the previous year. Notably, the CEDEC Small Business Support Network (SBSN) expanded across Quebec in size and scope; the CEDEC Mature Workers Initiative, which is examining the issues and opportunities related to this segment of the workforce, and tourism development were also highlighted as very positive examples of community economic development bringing together diverse partners and stakeholders around a common focus. 

“Our society is built and strengthened with diversity of thought, opinion and multiplicity of ideas,” said Gancz who has been a volunteer with CEDEC for more than a decade. “As a non-partisan organization dedicated to community economic development and employability in Quebec, we look forward to fostering positive relationships with all stakeholders and elected officials to build a strong and innovative economy and encourage full participation of all citizens.” 

John Gancz is joined by the following board members:

Line Bouffard, Édith-Anne Murray, John Buck (Ex-officio), Jane Needles, Perry Calce, Gene Osidacz, Denis Cayouette, Mario Pasteris, Jim Colmer, Yves Plourde, Kevin Fahy, Paul Reisman, Steve Harvey, Lee Royko, Armand Joncas, Peter Stastny, John Mulholland, Dorothy Williams

CEDEC Executive Committee

John Gancz – President
Dorothy Williams – Vice-President
Jane Needles –Treasurer
Peter Stastny – Secretary
John Buck – Executive Director (Ex-officio)

The 2012-2013 CEDEC Board of Directors has the responsibility to provide the organization with strategic guidance and direction as CEDEC moves forward in building engagement in community economic development and employability. Among its priorities, the Board of Directors will focus its efforts on sustainability, diversification of partnerships, and demonstrating the results and impact CEDEC is having in communities. 

CEDEC is a leading partner and driving force for community economic development and employability. A volunteer-driven organization, CEDEC sparks economic innovation in building forward-looking prosperous and confident communities across Quebec through sharing expertise, knowledge, and building partnerships.


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