Céilidh – Echoes of Scotland

Céilidh – Echoes of Scotland

Inspired by the fascinating history of the Scottish pioneers, in 2009, Le Cochon SouRiant in collaboration with the Oscar Dhu Cultural Centre and Fig55 created Céilidh Echoes of Scotland.

This performance binds together theatre, multimedia images, new technologies, storytelling, singing, instrumental music, dancing and poetry.

The play is steeped in the history of the first Scottish Pioneer settlers, who exiled from the Isle of Lewis and settled in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

The audience is invited to a céilidh (kaylee), a visit or gathering at the taigh-ceilidh, or “ceilidh house”.

The ceilidh is structured around stories, poems, proverbs, anecdotes, jokes, dances, songs and music taken from the life stories of the first Hebridean settlers.

The occasion is the reunion between a brother, Seamus, and sister, Sine.

Digging through old trunks found in the attic of the family home, Sine and Seamus, take delight in memories of the past. An old coat, a plaid, an old shoe, Uncle Angus’ tam, Maryanne Morrisson’s diary… spark the story of the little dog that followed the ship leaving Scotland, the memory of the logdriver’s waltz, nostalgia for milling frolics…

The multimedia effects and projection of old photos; family portraits and animations help the audience to imagine early life in “Canada, the land of everlasting forest and cold”.

It is a journey that weaves together the past and present, Gaelic, English and French languages, nostalgia, happiness, humour and tradition.

Three representations are taking place, two in English one in French…

Friday, November 26, and Sunday Nov 28 are in English and Saturday Nov 27 is in French.

Location : Morrin Centre, 44 chaussée des Écossais
Time : 8 pm Saturday and Friday, 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Price : $20 presale and $25 at the door.

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