Celebrate Tartan Day At Quebec City’s Parliament Building

Celebrate Tartan Day At Quebec City’s Parliament Building


Dear friends,

You are invited to join us to celebrate Tartan Day on April 6th. It will start at 9:30 A.M. at Quebec City’s Parliament building where, from the balcony of the National Assembly, we will witness the Question Period, then we will enjoy luncheon at the beautiful restaurant Le Parlementaire.

As you probably know, the idea for Tartan Day originated in Nova Scotia in 1986 to honor the accomplishments of the Scots in Canada and to promote Scottish Heritage. The date chosen for their celebrations was April 6th “a day in spring but not too cold”. A lady named Jean Watson volunteered to promote the idea and she spent the following ten years contacting the various Canadian provincial legislations. Nova Scotia was the first province to adopt a law and by 1996 most other Canadian provinces had done the same. For her dedication, Jean Watson has been recognized as the ‘Mother of Tartan Day’. Quebec already had a special day to recognize all cultural groups, so it resisted joining the movement until December 2003 when the National Assembly unanimously adopted a bill proclaiming Tartan Day.

We have just been informed by Jean Watson that the Canadian Government has also finally recognized Tartan Day and made the Maple Leaf Tartan once and for all one of Canadas official symbols.  Please find the link to the press release from Minister Moores office. http://www.pch.gc.ca/pc-ch/infoCntr/cdm-mc/index-eng.cfm?action=doc&DocIDCd=CJM102196  and for Canada’s tartans, see  http://www.cassoc.ca/tartans.htm 

Many countries around the world celebrate Tartan Day on April 6th, but some of them chose another date, more convenient for them. So, on April 6th, let’s celebrate Tartan Day by proudly wearing our tartan.

Quebec Tartan, International Tartan Index number 1949.

To comply with the safety rules of the Quebec Parliament building, we need to provide them with a list of names and birth dates of all those who will be present. Would you therefore kindly let us know no later than Thursday, March 30th, if you would like to be present for the Period of questions and/or for the luncheon and provide us with the information requested.

We look forward to hear from you and hope to see you on April 6th.

Happy Tartan Day!

Edward and Louise Gunn
Co-commissioners, Eastern Canada Branch
Clan Gunn Society of North America
and Coordinators Tartan Day 2011

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