Centre de Massothérapie de Québec – A Review by Isabelle Soucy

Centre de Massothérapie de Québec – A Review by Isabelle Soucy

Centre de Massothérapie de Québec – a review by Isabelle Soucy
(Quebec Massage Therapy Centre) 

The Centre de Massothérapie de Québec is a well-rounded establishment serving its customers for over 21 years, offering massage treatments, beauty treatments, as well as professional training in massage therapy. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience or a new career, you are bound to find your home at this conveniently located centre. 

Overview of the Services: The centre offers a wide variety of wellbeing and beauty treatments. 

Types of massages offered:

Swedish massage
Massages for pregnant women
Amma massage
Lymphatic drainage
Hot stones massage
Hot seashell massage

Beauty treatments:

Face and/or back hygiene
Paraffin hand treatments
Nail treatment
Body wraps (mud, mango, chocolate)
Cellulite treatments

Additional services:

Ionic foot bath
Aromatized vibration massage
Therapeutic bath
Cerebral gym – brainwave synchronizer

The boutique at the entrance of the centre offers bodycare products, massage chairs and tables, as well as books, and relaxation items, perfect for gifts for that special someone – or for treating yourself.

Review of the Massage Services

Quality: The massage service under review was a 60-minute Swedish massage with acupressure points. The massage therapists are experienced and impressively skilled at tailoring every massage to the needs of the individual. Notably, the massage lasts a full hour, with no time shaved-off for introductions, questions or setup. Enjoy the gradual dissolution of muscular tension and become entranced in a delightful state of relaxation.

Ambiance : You can enjoy solo or tandem massages. Soothing ambiance-music favours deep relaxation, comprised of typical classical melodies, nature sounds, singing birds and the ebb and flow of ocean waves. Road noise can be heard as the Centre is situated on a busy avenue, which may be a distraction for some people, but can be rapidly tuned-out as relaxation wins them over. Otherwise, despite the myriad of services offered in the building, the overall feel of the building is surprisingly calm and quiet. For some people who, like me, typically see their body temperature drop a few degrees in times of relaxation, the temperature of the room may prove to be rather chilly, as only a light blanket covers your body. It may be worth requesting additional blankets or heating pads to enhance the overall experience.

Price: The price for a massage is quite affordable, relative to other spa centres in Quebec. You can expect to pay $68.00 (taxes included) for a 60-minute massage, or $40.00 for a 30-minute massage. You can request a variety of massage styles and durations, as per your preference, varying between 15 to 90 minutes. Prepaid massage packages allow clients to save on the individual price of massages (for example, buying a package of 10 massages would allow you to save up to $10.00 off the regular price of each individual massage). Furthermore, relaxation packages varying between 90-minutes to 6-hour can be personalized to suit your desires, and a complementary meal is offered if your package lasts 4 hours or more. Note: enjoy $10.00 off any service by printing a coupon at www.moncadeaudefete.com valid 25 days surrounding your birthday.

Subjective experience: The staff greeted me by name as soon as I walked in. I was surprised to notice that, despite the fact that this was my first visit in five years, they had kept my information on file, thereby sparing us the typical health survey for first-timers.

With the way they welcomed me, I felt as though they personally remembered me and were glad I finally came back.

This type of warm welcome is outstanding and notable for a large health and training establishment such as the Centre de Massothérapie de Québec.   

Contact Information:

Address: 4925, 1re Avenue, Québec (Québec) G1H 2T6

Phone number: (418) 624-3164

Website: www.massotherapiedequebec.com 


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