Centre Vidéotron getting expensive public art piece 

Centre Vidéotron getting expensive public art piece 

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 September 2015 – The tenders have gone out to all the artists in the province who are interested in coming up with a masterpiece of art which will be installed at the entrance to the new arena.

Mayor Labeaume wants the piece to be symbolic, monumental and extravagant and hopes it will be something unique that people will be attracted to.

The amount of $1.125 million is up for grabs, the most ever spent on a public art piece in the province, with a deadline of October 1st to submit a design. A committee will be formed to narrow the candidates down to five after which a decision will be made for a winner.

Mayor Labeaume remembers the Cloud Gate (The chrome bean) sculpture he saw in Chicago and hopes the monument in front of the new “amphitheatre” will be as impressive and memorable as that one. The sculpture in Chicago however cost $20 million and was designed by a British artist, Anish Kapoor.

In the press conference this week, attended by the Minister of the Quebec City region Sam Hamad together with the mayor it was mentioned that the art piece should be representative of the region as well as having a national impact.

Whether the word “national” meant Canadian or Québécois was not specified.

Mayor Labeaume expects that probably 50% of the population will like it and another 50% won’t.

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