Centre Vidéotron to honour Jean Béliveau

Centre Vidéotron to honour Jean Béliveau

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 July 2015 – A decision was made last week to name the still unfinished public meeting place in front of the new Centre Vidéotron after one of Canada’s most well known hockey players – Jean Béliveau.

The mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume together with M. Béliveau’s widow, Guy Lafleur, and the Liberal minister Sam Hamad were all on hand to make the dedication.

Mayor Labeaume said the city probably could have made money by letting a sponsor name the public place but reiterated that there are enough sponsorships going on inside the building that the city could afford to dedicate it to the famous hockey player.

Jean Béliveau played and started his hockey career in Quebec City when he played for the Citadelles and Quebec Aces (Les As de Québec) back in 1949 to 1953. M. Béliveau’s widow, Elise Couture was born in Quebec City, making the ceremony especially emotional for her.

There has been some criticism however by certain citizens of the area that the name Jean Béliveau is too connected to the Montreal Canadiens, and that the city should have chosen a more local personality to represent its entrance gardens saying perhaps someone from the original Nordiques could have been more appropriate.

Mayor Labeaume wants the entrance to the new building to be something special and is laying down $10 million from the construction surplus to decorate and erect a monument or artwork of some kind, as a welcoming attraction to the structure.

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