Centre Vidéotron’s inaugural spectacle cancelled

Centre Vidéotron’s inaugural spectacle cancelled

Main pic: Centre Vidéotron – juin 2015. Photo credit: Judicieux.

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 July 2015 – The local artist and potentially francophone spectacle that was to officially open the new arena on September 11 has been cancelled for so far unknown reasons.

The organizers seem to say that nothing was concrete as far as bookings were concerned and that no scheduling had been set up for the show. In April, Québecor had announced a grand celebration and a party atmosphere “gig” to launch the new structure to the public. It has been decided however that the official opening will be on September 12th and that it will be dedicated strictly to hockey with a presentation of the Remparts and anything hockey that the city was involved in over the past 100 years.

According to Mathieu Dépatie, the spokesperson for Québecor’s Sports and Entertainment division the calendar was starting to get too overloaded and squeezing in a show between the 11th and 12th had become impossible. The city had organized public guided tours from the 3rd to 7th of September and then a closed door greeting ceremony for officials on the 8th, leaving little room to present and prepare a special opening show.

The first official week of operations however has a strong line-up of shows with Metallica leading the way on September 16, followed by Rock et Belles Oreilles on the 19th, Madonna on the 21st and then Shania Twain’s Rock this Country tour show coming on October 9th.

The 28th of September will see a match-up between Montreal and Pittsburgh for a pre-season NHL game on the new ice of the brand new arena. The tickets for that particular menu are all sold out.

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