Challenges of a Large Amphitheatre

Challenges of a Large Amphitheatre

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 May 2015 – Gilles Courteau, Commissioner of the Quebec Junior Major Hockey League (LHJMQ) does not mince words: the main challenge in keeping a tournament like the Memorial Cup in a market like Québec is to maintain the interest needed to fill the arena.

The tiebreaker game between the Québec Remparts and the Rimouski Oceanic attracted only 6533 fans at the Colisée Pepsi on Thursday, showing that it is not easy to fill the place. Yet Gilles Courteau is satisfied with the welcome Québec offered the Memorial Cup. “The size of the amphitheater is particular to have that and it’s a challenge to create an interest for close to ten games. That’s a lot of work, but it’s going very well and the event is very successful,” says man who had lived in Québec for 13 years early in his career in the world of hockey.

The Commissioner gives all the credit to the Remparts organization for event’s success. “I think the Remparts fulfilled what they had promised to do when they applied to host the Memorial Cup. They even went further. The last event of the season in the league will also be the last event to be held in the Coliseum, which is very symbolic,” said Gilles Courteau.

If the big boss of the Québec Junior Hockey insists that every place where the famous tournament was held had a special flavor, it cannot deny the great tourist interest is the capital. “Québec is a beautiful city, very warm. We appreciate the closeness that people have with us. Personally, I love Québec. Excellent restaurants where one is well served,” he illustrates.

Given his busy schedule, Gilles Courteau does not always have time to enjoy the attractions and great food of Québec. Despite this, the Commissioner took the time to attend the funeral of sports journalist Albert Ladouceur, who died last Saturday. “It’s very important to me. I have known very well since he was part of the selection committee at the Hall of Fame.”

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