Changes in store for Quebec City’s Megaparc at Galeries de la Capitale

Changes in store for Quebec City’s Megaparc at Galeries de la Capitale

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 March 23, 2015 – The Megparc at Galeries de la Capitale is a major attraction for local shoppers as well as the tourist population that frequents the city in summer as well as in winter.

The new owners of Galeries de la Capitale were in town last week to announce the reopening in the first week of May, of the restaurant area which has been under construction for almost a year now. The new food court will have a total of 18 restaurants, with a seating capacity for 900 people. The restaurants which are presently on the second floor, including McDonald’s, will be relocated to the main floor by 2016. It has also been decided that the restaurants in the food court will use real dishes instead of plastic for environmental reasons.

During the visit of the vice-president of commercialization for Oxford Properties Mr. Michel Brouillard, there was talk of revamping the present Megaparc to either make it bigger or redesign the whole thing to make it more attractive for its patrons. The Megaparc is going to be rethought and redesigned and could even involve the disappearance of the skating rink which would be replaced by something else more useful. No plans have been drawn-up but it is definitely going to be the next renovation project at the busy shopping mall.

As for the movie theatre, which was also included in the new renovations, it has been put on hold for the time being. There was talk it should be at the exterior of the mall itself making access and parking more convenient but for now, the cinema project is on the back burner.

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