Chantier Davie Canada up for top shipyard award

Chantier Davie Canada up for top shipyard award

Main pic: Chantier Davie Shipyard, Lévis, Québec. Photo credit: Cephas

Lévis (Quebec) 20 January 2015 – Seems there are awards for everything these days and having the best operational shipyard is apparently another of them.

Lloyd’s List, a reputable periodical which follows every aspect of anything maritime, gives out awards every year for such things as best shipyard, best maritime transportation company, best environmental shipping company etc. etc. and this year Chantier Davie Canada on the south shore of Quebec City in Lévis, is one of two nominations for the best run shipyard in North America.

The criteria covers things like best use of security and health of its employees, best response to customer requirements and best delivery times.

CDC has only one opponent running against them, a shipyard in San Diego, California called NASSCO owned by General Dynamics.

Chantier Davie employs 1,000 people at the moment and is working on building two specialty ships for the Norwegian company CECON, which, will be used for underwater construction in the near future.

They are also under contract to build two ferry boats for la Société des traversiers du Québec.

The company is also waiting for a contract from the Federal Government to build two new navy ships.

Their competitor for the award has 3,600 employees, and is presently building a new Navy sea-landing vessel for the US Navy.

As a footnote, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) is also in the running for best Inland/Coastal/Lake shipping Company.

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