Charlesbourg couple overrun by their cats

Charlesbourg couple overrun by their cats

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 July 2015 – Quebec City firefighters were called to a residence in Charlesbourg on Tuesday of this week to investigate what seemed to be strange odours coming from the house.

Upon arriving at the scene it was discovered that the single residence home was overrun by cats and that the odour from cat urine and faeces was so strong that the house had to be condemned and classified as uninhabitable.

The couple, in their 50’s, residing in the home was taken to hospital where they were to be treated for ammonia inhalation and a general examination of their health. Once it was discovered what the problem was, the firefighters on the scene had to don masks and special suits to confront the 30 odd cats that were living in the house. The main concern was the level of ammonia gases, which were in the 220 to 240 parts per million range; far above the normal level, making the house too unhealthy to remain living in.

A special team of animal protection and control has been called in to rid the house of its felines and then another team will start fumigating and decontaminating the residence.

The couple will not be allowed to return to their home until the city inspects the house and declares it habitable and healthy. As for the cats, they were taken to a refuge where they will be examined and put up for adoption.

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