Charlesbourg Library finally getting a bigger and better parking lot

Charlesbourg Library finally getting a bigger and better parking lot

Expansion of the parking lot for the Paul -Aimé- Payment (Charlesbourg) library is currently underway to increase the number of parking spaces available from 106 to 124. These extra spaces will accommodate users of the library and the St. Charles Borromé church.

The move follows an agreement reached in 2011 between Quebec City and the Parish of the Saint Charles Borromé church to maximize the parking capacity for both institutions and ease traffic in the busy area of Trait-Carré. The church, library, and the community centre all share the same parking lot. Trait-Carré is the Charlesbourg town square and together with the church, is a historic settlement. Both have been restored to their original condition.

The work has been entrusted to the firm Henri Labbé et Fils inc. and is an investment amounting to $386,631. The contract includes all the parking lot markings, drainage and landscaping. There was a problem with water accumulating at the entrance to the library whenever it rained, which caused havoc for the patrons and employees alike.

The work will continue up to mid-November, and the City of Quebec warns that traffic may be disrupted on some occasions, but all three institutions will remain open throughout the duration of the work.

Access to the St. Charles Borromé Church, the library and the neighbouring businesses and will also be possible at all times.

However, as with any similar project, there may be a special situation that temporarily prevents access to parking.
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