Charter put to rest

Charter put to rest

The famous “Charter” is to be put to rest.
The popular or unpopular, depending on which side you were on, “Charte des Valeurs” (Charter of values) will finally be disposed of in a parliamentary vote at the beginning of the fall session. The Liberals had promised to get rid of the Charter in place of a new Hijab_2integration law which would be more inclusive of the Québec Society, and it is one of the first things on the agenda for Premier Couillard and his Minister Stéphanie Vallée once they’re back to work in the fall.

The famous Charter in question, which was considered a political ploy in the last provincial elections, raised eyebrows around the world as being considered secularist, derogatory, and outright racist. The whole province at the time was in turmoil over what exactly was the purpose of the Charter and why was such a document even necessary. It was a scam from the beginning on which a political party thought they could win an election and as it turned out the population wasn’t to be fooled; the party in question lost their bet and lost the vote at the same time.

The new law will be tabled as promised and will be inclusive with no reference to a person’s religious beliefs or culture. The one stipulation will be that anyone dealing with a public department will be obliged to show their face when required to do so. The hope is that all people will be able to integrate as smoothly as possible either into the workforce or, into society as a whole, with the least amount of hassle or red tape. The law will be an improvement to the already existing “Reasonable Accommodations Act” which had previously been adopted.

The premier plans to put an end “once and for all” to the confusion surrounding the inequality question for all Quebecers and considers the infamous Charter “dead and buried”.
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