Children’s Author to Visit Quebec on June 25th

Children’s Author to Visit Quebec on June 25th

Saturday 25th June, 2011 at 10 am. That’s the date that you need to put in your agenda if you’d like to go to a children’s book reading and signing at AngloStore.

AngloStore is delighted to announce that Winnipeg-based children’s author, Nicole Petroski will be visiting Quebec Province this summer and has confirmed that she’ll be coming to Quebec City too.

Nicole is the author of The Very Lonely Sandwich and she’ll be reading the book to an assembled young audience.

Nicole will also explain to those present how it all came about and will sign copies of the book for those who’d like one.

Ideally, The Very Lonely Sandwich is suitable for children aged 5-9 years old.

However, Nicole has told AngloStore that kids younger than 5 enjoy the story being read to them and that it is also popular with teens and adults too.

So a kid’s story for everyone. 

Would you like to attend?

Spaces are limited to 20 children, so please reserve your place asap by sending an email via the Contact AngloStore page or calling (418) 204-4325.

About Nicole Petroski…

From as early as she can remember, Nicole Petroski has been captivated by the world of words, and by the age of seven, she had decided that when she grew up she would be an author. She pursued that dream throughout her life, eventually earning a Ph.D. in English.

During her graduate studies, Nicole wrote poetry, often as “doodles” in the margins of essays. In 2001 she met Jim Stoeber, the owner and producer of Tegancat Music in Winnipeg, who offered to help her publish her poems. The result was Out of Somewhere, a collection of poems published in 2003.

While working on her book, Nicole had also begun to write songs. Her poem “Nightcanvas” was included as a spoken word track on Wonderful, the debut album of pop/r&b vocalist Grace Murillo. After co-writing 8 more songs which were released on albums over the next 4 years, Nicole published her second book of poetry, The Girl in the Moon. But she had always wanted to write children’s stories, and in 2008 she published The Very Lonely Sandwich through her new company, Purple Tuesday Press. Written in response to a request from her niece for a story about mayonnaise, this book has become a favorite at “I Love to Read” events, and has inspired the making of real Lonely Sandwiches at school events, and even at one Winnipeg eatery!

Nicole’s next book, Summer Wonder, will be available in summer 2011.

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