Chinese “Bonhomme” not going over well

Chinese “Bonhomme” not going over well

Main pic – Bonhomme at the Calgary Stampede 2011. Photo credit: Anna Webber

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 October 2014 – The Bonhomme is back in the news due to the fact that his new 2014 personification is going to be made in China, a decision which is not going over well with certain members of the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation.

A call has gone out to its members to boycott the Carnival if the organizers don’t change their mind about having the effigy made in China.

The CWCF is upset that the product cannot be made in Quebec like it has been for the last 25 years and also claims that since the Summer festival buttons were made in Quebec, the fabrication of the bonhomme could be made here also. Both event souvenirs light up at night as an added gimmick making the fabrication a little more expensive and this year the Carnaval is looking to save as much money as possible because of tight budget restrictions.

The company in charge of making the little snowman effigy says it will save a lot of money and time if their supply comes from China.

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, this change in production is going to have on the Carnaval itself.

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