Chris Hadfield Does It Again

Chris Hadfield Does It Again

Photo courtesy of Cmdr Chris Hadfield

The commander of the International Space Station (ISS), the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield looked, this week from his exceptional point of view for a photograph, and then took this – the Quebec region while it was sound asleep.

The picture is fascinating like all the images that Cmdr Hadfield has published since the beginning of his trip on the ISS last December.
His following via social media is growing by the day.

The picture shows us that after the downtown sector, the brightest place in the region is not the Jean-Gaulin Ultramar refinery. It is rather way further in Saint-Jean-Chrysostome.

What is this light concentration doing in the middle of an agricultural sector?

After a few check, it turns out that this point not only would be the first place where aliens would try to land but it is also a transportation centre for Hydro-Quebec.

It is one of the biggest centres. It has 735,000 volts lines and all the energy that goes to Gaspésie and Bas-St-Laurent.

It is lit up this much for security reasons.

It is to protect the equipment and for the personnel to see at night.

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