Christmas Magic in Charlesbourg

Christmas Magic in Charlesbourg

The 14th edition of the Trait-Carré Christmas event took place recently in the Charlesbourg district with a Christmas Memories theme.

The festival will continue on the 15 and 16 of December for those who missed the first day of the event. Again this year, a slew of activities were offered to the whole family. Until December 16, the public is invited to visit the exhibits in parc de la Commune, which is the focal point of the festivities.

Outdoor performances on the stage located in the park have been added to the program for the first time in the history of Christmas in Trait-Carré. The singer, Elizabeth Blouin Brathwaite, was the first to hit the stage with her Christmas inspired performance.

This weekend, singers of the Laval University choir will be on the menu with Acrobats dressed up as pixies who will present a show called ‘Joïeux et Nowel en fête’.

An inn was recently built north of the parc de la Commune. It is a gathering place for visitors who want to enjoy a hot coffee or participate in a variety of workshops including DIY lanterns, traditional songs, and dances.

Families are also invited to submit their memories in a box that was installed on the premises.

A family-inspired animated theatrical journey composed of five stations was also offered to participants of the festivities. There was a lady who wished to hear about every visitor’s biggest dream, a giant memory game with the wall of memories, a puppet show by emerging artists, and a sharing of most memorable Christmas moments around a campfire.

Most of the activities available to the public are absolutely free of charge.

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