Chute Montmorency Hotel Plan Falls Through

Chute Montmorency Hotel Plan Falls Through

Quebec City (Quebec) January 18, 2015 – A 150-room hotel, planned to be built next to the historic Manoir Montmorency, will not see the light of day.  The initiative, driven by the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SEPAQ), hoped to bring additional tourism to the iconic Montmorency Falls overlooking the Saint Lawrence and l’île d’Orléans.  Despite the initiative and interest by SEPAQ, no promoters came forward with proposals to build and operate the would-be hotel.  A SEPAQ spokesperson said the government organisation was disappointed, but understood that this may be a matter of unfavourable economic timing.

The hotel was to be part of ongoing works aiming to improve the Montmorency Falls park and area, to make it more accessible and interesting to the many thousands of visitors it gets per year.  The overhaul includes the construction of a tunnel behind the waterfall, a children’s waterwork park at the foot of the falls, and various repairs and upgrades to existing infrastructure.  Aside from the hotel, the rest of the plan is doing well.  30M$ had originally been budgeted in 2012, but lack of private interest revised the figure down to 12M$.

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