Cinegraphe Productions Press Release – Leatha Acidents

Cinegraphe Productions Press Release – Leatha Acidents


Cinegraphe Productions in Quebec City has completed post-production on a new feature comedy Leatha Acidents starring Kristin Wallace, Virginia Leigh, Rene Defazio, Brad Carmichael and Thomas Daniel.

Post-Production on this Quebec/New Brunswick feature was completed at Deluxe Labs in Toronto with sound mixing at Studio Expression in Quebec City. The film was recently picked up by Superchannel in Edmonton, Alberta and will be released in Empire cinemas in Atlantic Canada later this year. Cinegraphe Productions with offices in Quebec City, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia has become a major player in English language feature production in recent years in Eastern Canada.

This refreshing new comedy tells the story of two suburban best friends who decide to kill their husbands in order to keep from having to move apart. The murderous duo, Jessica and Fran, are played by two new Canadian comedy talents Kristin Wallace and Virginia Leigh. The superb cast is directed by the award-winning Quebec feature director Nicholas Kinsey (Fire Watch, Killing Ruth – the Snuff Dialogues, Women Without Wings, Short Change).

Kinsey met the American playwright Robert Fleet at Cannes in 2006 and immediately optioned Fleet’s comedy script. “We were looking for good comedy scripts for the Canadian theatrical market and were having a hard time finding any comedy scripts that fit our requirements. Writers in Canada aren’t very interested in comedy”, said the director. “Our relationship with Robert has been fantastic and further collaboration is expected.”

The Quebec/New Brunswick feature comedy produced by Nicholas Kinsey and Doug Sutherland was shot in Quebec City, Canada. Crew credits include casting by Josa Maule, production management and coordination by Andree Tousignant and Julie Lambert, production design by Erica Schmitz, set dressing by Emily Bélanger, photography by Nicholas Kinsey, costumes by Judith Cyr, makeup by Tammy-Lou Pate, continuity by Veronique Lefort,1st assistant director Doug Sutherland, camera assistants Steve Currie, Daniel Greenwood and Natasha Lemay, sound recording by Robert Gemmell and Andrew J. Guptill, lighting by
Gary Beatty, and original music by Ralf Cassidy Bindels.

The director is Nicholas Kinsey. A Canadian of English origin, born in Ontario and raised in England, Kinsey is a highly versatile writer-director-producer. His knowledge of the industry is wide-ranging, having been a director of photography, a scriptwriter, a film editor and a feature film director. His director credits include Short Change (1989), Women Without Wings (2002), Killing Ruth – the Snuff Dialogues (2010), Fire Watch and the TV drama series Cottage in America in post-production.

His producer credits include the features Lakefront (2004), The Backup Man (2006), and Stray Dogs in post-production.

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