City Hall Back on the Job – Top Issues

City Hall Back on the Job – Top Issues

Quebec City (Quebec) August 18, 2014 -City hall is back to work this week and there five are five things that are priority concerns for the mayor and his team. The Mayor actually has more on his plate than these five issues, but from the first serving until the dessert these five things have to take time to be digested properly.

1. The pension plan for the municipal employees has to be rectified. The city claims there is a deficit of $620 million, the Union says differently so the two will battle it out with the provincial government on the hot seat to either legislate a new law or make some compromises. In the meantime, the police and firefighters are putting pressure on the cities by wearing army pants and following the rules of their job to the letter.

2. A huge conference on the culture front in 2025 is planned under the title of Vision culture 2025 and needs planning and financing which the Mayor will have to deal with. Private financing is difficult to obtain and the Government doesn`t have a lot of money.

3. The pollution in Lac St. Charles is a problem, since it is the main source of drinking water for the city, and the environmental staff will have to study the ins and outs for a solution.

4. Another major project coming up is the celebration for the 150 years of Canadian confederation in 2017 and Quebec City would like to have the Tall Ships in town to mark the occasion. Most of the financing will come from the Canadian Heritage budget in Ottawa but, the city and province will have to show a certain amount of financial support at the same time.

5. The city still wants to study the feasability of installing a tramway service somewhere in the city. Another financial and profitability study will get underway soon.

For dessert, M. Labeaume has the popular Amphitheatre project which appears to be rolling along on schedule and on budget and is expected to open its doors officially in September of 2015. As some side dishes, there is the inauguration of the City Hall Gardens, including the famous Swiss clock to be resided over.

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