City Hall Disagreement on Funding for Arts Event

City Hall Disagreement on Funding for Arts Event

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 March 2015 – Although opposition party Démocratie Québec has frequently criticised Équipe Labeaume’s spending on major cultural and sporting activities, this came to a head today over a 325 000$ contract for a two-day festival to celebrate the opening of the Maison de la littérature next October.

Councillor Paul Shoiry came out vocally against the event after he and Démocratie Québec colleague Yvon Bussières voted against the funding this week.  Similarly, the two voted against another 325 000$ for Les passages insolites, an event taking place from July 2nd to November 2nd, and against 3.6M$ for the continuation, over four years, of Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…?  Councillor Anne Guérette, also of Démocratie Québec, voted against funding to Les passages insolites but voted with the majority Équipe Labeaume party in favour of the other two.

Councillor Shoiry defended himself from accusations of being against the arts, saying he simply believed these events could be held for less money and that the funds saved on these events would be better spent consolidating existing artistic organisations and long-term cultural activities within the city.

Équipe Labeaume councillor Julie Lemieux, who is responsible for cultural activities for the city, argues that these events will provide much-needed visibility to some 300 artists, saying that this represented solid value to the city’s artists.

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