City looking at options to replace Expo Québec

City looking at options to replace Expo Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 November 2015 – City organizers are currently looking for a new “summer party” that could last from June to September.

This is the end for Expo Québec as we know it. Quebec City is looking to find groups interested in organizing a “summer party” that would last from June to September.

ExpoCité has sent a letter to its partners in which it is announced that they are looking companies interested in proposing ideas for the development and operation of a summer party on the domestic and external site of ExpoCité, excluding the Videotron Centre, for the 2016 and 2017 summers.”

This situation signifies the end of the summer carnival as we know it. Instead, the city plans to use the private sector to ensure the management of an event that targets a wide and diverse audience and puts families in the center of it all. The focus will be on “discovery, atmosphere and entertainment” and prioritize local talent.

Calls for Proposals

The president of ExpoCité, Vincent Dufresne, confirmed yesterday that they are now open to offers and proposals. “We want to implement the vision of the report made by Daniel Gélinas,” said the Councillor.

Unlike the current festival, which lasts ten days in late August, the new version will stretch throughout the summer, starting at the St. Jean Baptiste and lasting all the way to the month of September, or for a slightly shorter period, still within this time frame.


Québec City Mayor Régis Labeaume had already expressed interest in renewing the formula for this festival. On August 31 he had suggested that the party was finished.

“The question is: ‘Is the current formula for Expo Québec obsolete?’ I’m not far from saying yes. I plan on waiting a little to be sure that this is the right decision. How can it be made more modern, more attractive, especially for young people and families? The Expo Québec formula, I think it has served its time” he had said.

The report of the study committee of Daniel Gélinas, who was tasked to redesign the area of ExpoCité, has not ruled out Expo Québec as we know it. However, they advised that the event “would inevitably need to keep in mind the new vision and new development devised for the ExpoCité site.” He left the municipal government determine if the event remained compatible with the new vision. The group doubts it.

Does this mean the end of the management of the event by ExpoCité? M. Dufresne does not want to take that step. “What it means for now is that we are proceeding with calls for proposals.”

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