City of Lévis fires cocaine dealing employee

City of Lévis fires cocaine dealing employee

Lévis (Quebec) 17 June, 2015 – A white collar employee, for the city of Lévis, Jean-Philippe Pouliot, 30, was relieved of his duties as a housing inspector on June 15 of this week after having been suspended with pay on the 15th of May for suspected possession and trafficking of cocaine and cannabis.

The city took the decision to fire M. Pouliot because of the seriousness of his crimes. Quite often a city will assign an accused to another posting within the municipal administration, but it appears M. Pouliot’s case is far beyond any petty crime for which he could be forgiven.

The arrest of the accused came about rather indirectly when he was stopped by police for a parking lot brawl involving him and a friend at the St. Romuald McDonald’s. Upon visiting M. Pouliot’s residence after the fact, it was discovered that he was in possession of drugs and was trafficking those same drugs.

The mayor of Lévis Me. Lehouillier expects a protest from the employees union but says he is ready to defend the city’s decision.

It is rare that a municipality will fire an employee but, under the circumstances the city’s reputation was on the line and the mayor is confident the city took the right decision in the eyes of its taxpayers.

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