City to Extend Free Recycling to Businesses

City to Extend Free Recycling to Businesses

recyclageIt is now time for businesses and institutions to do their part in the recycling of residual matter. Quebec City will offer free collection starting in April.

For many years now, the blue bin has been adopted by the Quebec citizens. The bins and collect services are paid with an amount of taxes for this service including recycling and garbage. Until now, industries, businesses, and institutions only had the garbage collect and most of them pay loads of money for the city to take them away.

For recycling, they had to do business with specializes enterprises and disburse to get rid of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and other recyclable materials. This often results in putting everything in the same garbage bin and creates more waste.

Starting in April, businesses will be able to sign up for a recyclable material collection which will be free. The only thing they have to buy is the necessary blue bins.

The city estimates that it will be less expensive to finance the collect than to have tons of garbage treated at the incinerator. This collect will allow a reduction of 25 000 tons of waste in the next three years. At 20$ per incinerated ton, this is a 500 000$ saving.

This is without calculating the benefits which could be gained by recycling all plastic and glass and resold on the market. This is a political decision to send a message to the population to say that recyclable materials can be collected in many types of buildings but some don’t want to join the movement.

The savings made from the collects will be invested in the incinerator so that it can perform better. The sorting centre will have to respond to a greater demand. Work has started since last year which will allow the centre to increase its treatment capacity which is already at 55 000 tons of material per year.

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