City to Push for Mandatory Pet Sterilisation

City to Push for Mandatory Pet Sterilisation

Quebec City (Quebec) February 6, 2015 – Having to sterilise your pet may become mandatory starting this summer if the city has its way. Studies have been done recently over concern about the problem of stray cats and sometimes dogs that are becoming more and more numerous as time goes on.

The city wants this problem stopped and the best solution as far as they are concerned is to have all cats and dogs neutered either by the stores that sell them or by the person who buys them. Whether or not there would be compensation by the city is another question. Some people who buy animals don’t necessarily have the financial resources to be able to afford the operation, which can be executed by the store owner or by your local veterinarian, while other owners simply refuse on personal grounds. Many pets however are bought from individuals or on the internet which makes controlling the sterilisation of the animals a difficult process to control.

Though a pet bought through a store or a breeder the law is simple to administer, but buying an animal from an individual or on-line makes it more difficult for lawmakers to follow up on the criteria of the animal.

The city also wants to educate people as to the adoption and responsibility of owning a domestic animal. According to Patrick Voyer, the city councillor responsible for pets, too many people buy cats or dogs without realising that it is a lifetime contract and that the animals have to be cared for 24/7. It is often too easy to weaken to the cuteness or attraction of an animal by emotion than it is to realise exactly what it will involve in the long haul. The number of stray and unwanted animals has become a serious problem for the SPCA and the city in the last few years.

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