City-wide Wi-Fi by 2018

City-wide Wi-Fi by 2018

The city of Quebec is looking to have its whole territory equipped with Wi-Fi access by the year 2018 allowing anyone with a cell phone to use the internet anywhere in its jurisdiction. For the moment only certain areas are plugged into the web, like Cartier and Maguire streets, most of Limoilou, Sillery, St. Sauver, and Montcalm, but by 2018 you’ll be able to order a pizza on-line from any sidewalk anywhere in the city.

The Commercial Development Society (SDC) is behind the move explaining that any kind of internet communication is always good for business, especially if you’re using that “local” app.

The city is investing $123,750 in the project, named the ZAP Québec network, which is a minimal amount considering the commercial advantages the service can offer proclaiming that a return on assets should be positive.

There’s word that if the objective is attained, Quebec City could be the most Wi-Fi equipped city in North America and Mayor Labeaume would like to see it happen even before 2018.

The Minister of Employment Agnes Maltais also sees it as an opportunity for young IT students to find employment in their field in the future.
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