City’s Blue-Collar Union Opposed to Montréal Pressure Tactics

City’s Blue-Collar Union Opposed to Montréal Pressure Tactics

Quebec City (Quebec) August 19, 2014 – Following yesterday’s demonstration at the Montréal city hall, Québec’s blue collar workers union has assured the media that it has no intention to perform any similar act.

Monday afternoon, several dozen blue-collar union and firefighter union workers forced their way into Montréal’s city hall and rampaged through the municipal council room, then in session, forcing out elected officials and tossing documents and furniture to the ground and allegedly targeting elected officials with thrown cups and other small items. Police present were reported as looking the other way during the ordeal.

Although Montréal union officials did not condemn the acts, Québec’s response was categorical. “That’s not the image we need,” said Daniel Simard, president of Québec City’s blue-collar union.

Although tempers are running hot regarding the government’s controversial Bill 3, which would restrict city worker unions’ ability to negotiate their retirement benefits, the union representative was clear that these sorts of tactics would not be endorsed in Québec.  The city’s blue-collar union recently came to a tentative agreement regarding their benefits with the Labeaume administration, and though the union says it intends to make its concerns heard, it does not want to risk the relative truce they’ve gained regarding employee benefits with their city employers.

The Québec National Assembly begins formal hearings on Bill 3 tomorrow.

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