City’s Garbage Pickup Lacking in Saint-Sauveur: Residents

City’s Garbage Pickup Lacking in Saint-Sauveur: Residents

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 May 2015 – A new chapter was written in the ongoing saga of garbage and recycling when the City failed to collect waste in some streets of the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood, raising the impatience and anger among residents.

The new collection arrangements in the central districts seem to cause many headaches for some residents of the Basse Ville of Québec. After the epic between the bins to bags, now the new schedule is having some troubles also.

In the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood, the problem has been ongoing for three weeks, according to residents. The collection, scheduled for Thursday evening, supposedly did not occur.

Friday afternoon dozens of trash bags, blue and green boxes, small and large, clearly visible on the sidewalks, “It does not make sense. It’s been weeks that it’s been like this. Flies are everywhere, it smells. We’ve made complaints. Sometimes it gets picked up, sometimes it does not get picked up. It makes no sense,” says Sylvain, who lives in the area.

The proposed schedule is simply not respected, says another resident. In the sector, the collection should be on Tuesday. But it is not. “It happened two days later on Thursday. It’s very unfortunate, for the view and the smell. It has not yet been very hot, but in the coming days, it could be very unpleasant,” suggests Azaria Chavannes.

For its part, City Hall says they were only informed of the situation on Friday morning. “We received four complaints,” explains spokesman Sylvain Gagné, who could not pinpoint the reasons of this problem in this sector. According to preliminary information, the work would have complicated access to trucks.

Certainly, the situation should be dealt with and a new approach has been established between the supplier and the city to report in the future this type of problem. “It is part of the adjustment period for both the citizen that the service provider who gets used to the new roads,” said he summarized.

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