City’s “Iconic Clock” Installed

City’s “Iconic Clock” Installed

Quebec City (Quebec) September 20, 2014 – About a hundred Swiss dignitaries, along with many from Québec City and the region, unveiled the final installation of it’s much-anticipated new clock, a gift from the Canton of Jura, in Switzerland, for Québec’s 400th anniversary.

Elated, mayor Labeaume predicts the clock will quickly become as iconic a symbol of Québec City as the Fontaine de Tourny and possibly even the Château Frontenac. The final installation of the clock was specifically chosen with this iconic status in mind. Originally designed to be housed indoors, the clock’s intricate Swiss machinery was not intended for our climate’s harsh winters or summer heat waves. For this reason, city officials had initially planned to install the gift in the Gabrielle-Roy Library, but administrative difficulties halted its installation in the building.

Ultimately, the city administration opted to put the giant timepiece front-and-centre, resting it directly on City Hall itself in a temperature and humidity controlled glass case. Salvador Arbona, technical director of the clock’s creation, admits he was very surprised by the decision, as he did not expect it would be given such a significant position. The city council’s opposition also expressed concerns for the cost of maintenance of the glass case – which will be covered by the city – but also recognized the clock itself was a wonderful work of art and a true timekeeping masterpiece.

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