Classroom iPads: Government Should Should Pay says School Principals

Classroom iPads: Government Should Should Pay says School Principals

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 August 2015 – The Ministry of Education must finance the purchase of tablet computers in schools wishing to use them in class, says a group of principals.

The president of the Quebec Association of School Executives (AQPDE), Danielle Boucher, does not question the decision of the Ministry of Education, which requires schools to provide free tablet computers for their students.

But Mme Boucher asks Québec to be consistent. “We will live with this decision, but they have to finance it. Right now there is no funding,” she says.

A directive was recently sent to school boards indicating that it is for schools, not parents, to pay for iPads used in the classroom as the tablet is considered teaching material.

In Québec, all students from secondary 1 to 3 at Le Sommet will have an iPad in the classroom this fall, paid by parents. The initiative goes against the directive of the Ministry.

The office of the Minister of Education, François Blais, stated that the $ 57 million made available for the year 2015 to 2016 allows schools to buy tablets for their students if they so choose.

Furthermore, the press officer Caroline Trottier states that school boards “must respect the law.” There is no question of change to allow schools to charge tablets to parents. “We wish to preserve the principle of free schooling with the equipment provided to students,” she said.

A position that saddens Josée Joanette, mother of a student at Le Sommet high school and president of the governing board.

“Looking forward, it is a turning point for our children to go digital. With a decision like this, private school students will have tablets and public school students will still be using paper and pencil. It will widen further the gap between the two.”

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