Claudine Mercier is back and on form at the Salle Albert-Rousseau

Claudine Mercier is back and on form at the Salle Albert-Rousseau

Show review and photo credits: Andrew Greenfield.

Playing to a full house at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec City, Claudine Mercier’s show could be considered a hit.

With Mercier now 55, it was understandable that the audience did not contain that many of the younger generation.

The thing is, the next generation of comedians, performers and entertainers could learn an awful lot from professionals like Mercier.

She did query at one point whether at 55 years old, she still had a place in what she described as a fast-growing pool of younger talent.

She’s right of course, as comedy and performing evolves, but on this showing she should stick around for a good while yet.

This was not just a comedy show, we got to witness her talent for singing, dancing, imitating stars and personalities in the news, and a couple of wonderful parodies.

No person or topic was off limits.

Targets for her quick-fire delivery of barbs included Donald Trump, Denis Coderre, Philippe Couillard, Justin Trudeau, La Voix, women in burkas, Danièle Henkel, self-help gurus, Nanette Workman, Ginette Reno, Michèle Richard, Rambo Gauthier, electric cars, global warming, Hillary Clinton, Marjo, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the middle class, Roy Dupuis, France Beaudoin, Marcel Aubut, Diane Dufresne, the medical profession, and more.

All of the jokes were delivered at speed, with one effortlessly melding into the next.
Some of the offerings were downright crude, some going with current mood – all of them well received.

The sketch on self-help gurus was particularly cutting. And probably true.

Roy Dupuis in a particular film caught Mercier’s eye while she was watching TV. Thinking she was alone, she began enjoying herself and having a bit of a private moment. That was until the TV sales lady asked her to leave.

Burka-clad women were a target for this committed feminist. And with good reason, initially saying it goes against the equality she fights for, and then changing points of view when it comes to the cost of beauty treatments these days. Stick a burka on and save yourself a small fortune!

Mercier’s talents for dancing, singing and imitating were brought to the fore with Zaz, Sia, Charlotte Cardin, Safia Nolin, Shakira, and Cœur de Pirate. As for Miss Pirate – sounds beautiful, but can’t understand a word!

Toward the end, to the delight of everyone, Mercier reprised her role as La Petite Fille and duly laid into society today from a young innocent’s point of view.

Finishing with a comedy musical segment, Mercier performed popular extracts from Mary Poppins, Cabaret, My Fair Lady, Chicago, The Wizard of Oz, and others.

What evenings like this demonstrate is that to survive and succeed in the entertainment business for as long as Mercier has, you need to be a whole lot more than a one trick pony.

Overall, this show is not a rip-roaring, laugh a minute comedy-fest. It’s not meant to be.

Some of the scene changes could be polished a little however, the audience was entertained and that was the end goal. Success!

Claudine Mercier will be back at Salle Albert-Rousseau on October 21, 2017.


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