Cold Temperatures Mean Belated Maple Syrup Harvest

Cold Temperatures Mean Belated Maple Syrup Harvest

tapThis winter has been a difficult one and the cold temperatures are making it hard for everyone to get into the swing of spring, but it’s also causing havoc on the largest producers of maple syrup in the world. Usually around this time of year the sap from the sugar maples starts to flow profusely allowing the thousands of farmers to harvest it and turn it into the sweet syrup the whole world loves.

The harvest usually starts around the 15th of March and lasts approximately four weeks ending around the 15th of April, this year however; the cold temperatures are keeping the trees in a dormant state much longer. Most producers have seen winters like this before but state that it is particularly late this season. For the sap to flow the days have to be warm followed by cooler nights and so far, that’s not happening.

When everything loosens up, which should be by the end of the month, things should start running as usual. The trees are already tapped and ready, all that’s left to do now is, wait for the warmer days. The province of Québec is the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the world, making on average 7,985,000 gallons per year, easily surpassing their nearest rival, the state of Vermont in the USA, which gathers about 890,000 gallons a year. The province has the most dense growth of sugar maples in North America and has been producing maple syrup longer than anyone. In the old days syrup was collected by horse and sleighs, but today all the trees are connected by hoses which all lead to a single dumping vat which makes the process much simpler and controllable. The product is very pure and can be bought in three different sweetness levels: dark, medium and light.

Fortunately your pancakes or whatever you do with maple syrup might just be doable in about two weeks by the sounds of the latest forecast.

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