Colin Standish Campaigning for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

Colin Standish Campaigning for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

Cookshire (Quebec) August 16, 2014 – Having returned to the Townships after completing a law degree at Laval University, Colin Standish doesn’t have the goals you’d typically associate with a man fresh out of law school. While his colleagues might be hoping to land jobs that will put them on career tracks in major law firms, Colin’s goals are fixed on Ottawa, where he hopes to be Compton-Stanstead’s Liberal MP in 2015.

Having been born and raised in Cookshire, within the riding of Compton-Stanstead, Colin attended Bishop’s College School before moving on to study history and political studies at Queen’s University and then law in Québec City. Despite this, the politics of his home riding were never far from Colin’s mind – he’s been involved in his riding’s Liberal Party of Canada association since the age of 16.

Now 28, Colin feels this is the time to make the jump and enter the political arena for himself. Driven by a platform promoting community, bilingualism, human rights, renewed federalism, and prosperity, Colin sees the Liberal Party of Canada as the best bet to promote his values for the riding and for Canada. Colin believes that the Townships’ history as a bilingual economic heartland is something that could bring value to Canada as a whole.

But first, Colin needs to earn his riding association’s nomination. Last year, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced that all ridings would hold open nominations for candidates, in a clear break from past politicking in which political parties’ high leadership often dictated candidates to local associations. The Liberal Party reserves the right to perform a thorough screening of candidates, but beyond that, each riding’s association now gets to elect which person’s name will carry the Liberal banner on the 2015 ballot.

The Compton-Stanstead federal liberal association once numbered over 2000, Colin points out, though over the years it has shrunk to 80 (60 of which have signed his nomination forms already). Colin’s first step, therefore, is to approach current and former Liberal party members in an effort to grow support for his candidacy. He’s also been hard at work meeting with as many community leaders and gathering their support. Recently, the Honorable David Price, former Liberal MP until 2004 and current borough president (mayor) of Lennoxville, has given Colin’s candidacy his support. Colin has also given a lot of thought to the needs of the riding, which he’s made available for all to see on his campaign website ( Colin also knows there’s no substitute for meeting with the citizens of his riding – no easy task, given that it takes over an hour and a half to drive from one end of Compton-Stanstead to the other. Still, though, when asked his priorities, Colin doesn’t hesitate, saying “Really it’s about meeting people in local constituencies. I get great ideas from meeting with them. People have so many ideas that often aren’t discussed in the media but that are important to the riding.”

Among those ideas, he describes the “Coaticook Model”. Known across Québec for its ice cream, Coaticook is a small community which has managed to build its agricultural industry into a powerhouse, proving that people from the Townships don’t have to choose between a good job in a big city and a good life in the Townships. There’s a lot Colin wishes he could do to help these initiatives which bring prosperity, and he’s hoping he’ll be able to as the region’s MP.

Colin’s bilingual education also exposed him to the richness of Canadian bilingualism, and has reaffirmed his vision of a renewed Federalism. Growing up among Anglophone communities in the Townships, Colin is ever aware of the dual nature of minority language groups, and he’s as sensitive to the needs of French-speakers in English Canada as he is to those of English-speakers in Québec.

For now, Colin and his team is busily working to get around to as many in the riding as possible, to both share his ideas and listen to theirs. All interested are invited to attend the federal Liberal riding association’s annual general assembly at Bishop’s University on August 21st. The nomination meeting, in which Colin hopes to secure his place on the 2015 ballot, will take place later in the fall.

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Colin Standish

Colin Standish has a law degree from Université Laval in Quebec City and a history and politics degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Colin was born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and is currently a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination in Compton-Stanstead. He has learnt French in order to be able to study his chosen degree subject in the language.

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