Colin Standish Running for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

Colin Standish Running for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

ColinStandish_upperThe Eastern Townships has much to offer the rest of Canada, and Quebec. Our strong sense of community, our storied history and respect for tradition, and our naturally bilingual society are important values to us.

The Eastern Townships also needs to better reflect what modern Canada has become. We can offer the residents of Compton-Stanstead the Eastern Townships, Quebec, and Canada what they deserve.

This is why I am running for the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in Compton-Stanstead. My campaign will be aimed to restore the Eastern Townships, Quebec and Canada we believe in. We can help residents of Compton-Stanstead achieve their full potential; socially, economically and politically. We can reach this goal with four key principles: community, bilingualism and human rights, renewed federalism, and prosperity.

We can protect our strong community values which recognize that we are stronger working together than apart. The strong bonds which draws our community together in the Eastern Townships could serve as a model for a Canada and Quebec which often struggles for unity, cohesion, and common purpose.

Our respect for our traditions and history comes easily to our towns and villages. Our will to preserve our shared past and common heritage, is plain-to-see during the celebrations at our Fairs and Remembrance Day ceremonies. The federal government must reinvigorate social programs, to ensure their continued relevance, affordability and accessibility. With an aging population and stagnant middle class wages, we must ensure that services are efficient and available and do not incur a heavy debt-load for future generations.

We must be able to speak the language of our choice and have our human rights respected, while respecting the choices and rights of others.

Our bilingual community stands as a model for our country. Our community is one of the last hopes that a country can be built on the wills of two founding peoples; where we not only seek to share the same state, but to live together, work together, and prosper together. Although much still needs to be done to bridge the two solitudes that persist, the former counties of Compton and Stanstead are one of the few places in Quebec and Canada that offer a vision of a bilingual community with shared goals, interests, and future.

It is critical to channel the openness and tolerance of modern Canada. We must seek to welcome newcomers into our community with ease and acceptance. We must also seek to heal old wounds and bridge the gaps that remain between local English and French speakers.

We must rebuild the Eastern Townships, Quebec and Canada we believe in; where people live in peace, in trust, in solidarity, where the French and English language are both considered assets, enrichments, and part of everyone’s heritage and identity. The Fathers of Confederation’s original intent was for a Quebec and Canada that respectfully celebrated all groups. We can recapture the forethought our forefathers envisioned for the destiny of the Eastern Townships, Quebec and Canada.

We must harness the innovation and economic prosperity of contemporary Canada to create jobs locally, while supporting agriculture, small business, and local manufacturing. At the time of Confederation, the Eastern Townships were at the heart of the Canadian economy. The first textile mills in Canada, the world’s first international railway, and the first Finance Minister of Canada, Alexander T. Galt, all hailed from the Townships. My own family’s business has been established in the Eastern Townships since the 1920s. The Eastern Townships now often finds itself excluded from this century’s new prosperity.

By better using our location between Central Canada and the United States, educating our workforce, better leveraging our bilingual population, and encouraging cooperation between business and educational institutions, we can recapture our proud inheritance of innovation and financial independence.

The Liberal Party of Canada has a strong stance on national unity, bilingualism, federalism and language and human rights in Quebec and Canada. Socio-economically, the party stands for prosperity balanced with fair social justice and social services. These core values of social justice, strong federalism, and respect for the individual have defined Liberalism in Canada. It is my firmest conviction that the Liberal Party of Canada represents the brightest hope for a more united Canada, a more prosperous Canada, a more just Canada, and a more equal Canada.

These align with my core values and this is why I am running for the nomination of the Liberal Party of Canada in Compton-Stanstead.

If you share my vision, please join me in my campaign for the Eastern Townships, Quebec and Canada we believe in.

One day, I hope I can represent Compton-Stanstead in Parliament with honour and integrity.

I hope I can count on your support.

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Colin Standish

Colin Standish has a law degree from Université Laval in Quebec City and a history and politics degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Colin was born and raised in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and is currently a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination in Compton-Stanstead. He has learnt French in order to be able to study his chosen degree subject in the language.

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