Color me Rad and Run or Dye

Color me Rad and Run or Dye

Quebec will greet for the first time not one, but two races where the participants are sprayed with coloured powder.

Color Me Rad and Run or Dye are town this summer.

The expanding phenomenon from the United States, these 5 kilometre circuits distinguish themselves as a bomb explosion leaving runners coloured with powder.

The race Color Me Rad 5k is set for the month of August around the Pepsi Coliseum.

The colour bombs will start at 9 am at the same time as the wave of runners.

At the finish line, participants will look like they’ve just got out of an art class.

A few days ago, another organization of festive races, Run or Dye, was launched from its Canadian website and the opening for preregistrations for the circuit is yet to be confirmed.

The subscription costs are about $45 per person. For more information on the races, visit:

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