ComediHa! 2017 will be here before you know it

ComediHa! 2017 will be here before you know it

By Andrew Greenfield

Quebec City’s ComediHa! promises a bumper crop of talent for the 18th edition.

The festival will see over 450 artists descend on the region to put on over 100 shows.
Looking at the names, this year, the period between 7 and 18 June promises to be packed with laughter.

Seasoned professionals, up and comers, and young and old will attempt (and most likely succeed) in making you exercise your laughter muscles.

Some of Quebec’s humour heavyweights are set to host no fewer than six galas at the Grand Théâtre.
These include Patrice L’Ecuyer, Phil Roy, Philippe Bond, Billy Tellier, Mario Jean, Dominic Paquet, and P-A Méthot.

Building on Sugar Sammy and Mike Ward‘s success at the 2016 event, this year will see five anglophone comedians participate in the festival.

This is an area QuébéComm’s founder and president Sylvain Parent-Bédard (head of the organization responsible for the festival) is keen to develop owing to the amount of tourists and anglophiles there are in the city at any one time.

Mike Paterson is the big name draw for that element of the festival.

In addition to the galas, podcasts and theatre pieces are planned, as well as some new twists to the format.
New venues have been added to the show roster such as rooms at the Musée de la Place-Royale, the Musée de la civilisation, the Maison historique Chevalier and surprisingly, La Firme laywers offices.

Planned events include comedy in the dark, a triple X show, magic, and more.

Your yellow glasses will get you access to every show. If you’re sensible enough, you’ll be able to plan your evenings out to take in up to four shows (time permitting). Some of these last between 10 and 60 minutes, so if you sort out your proposed route ahead of time, there’s no reason not to get value for money.

ComediHa! 2017 is on from 7 to 18 June in Quebec City.

Passes are on pre-sale now priced $35. This rises to $50 after 23 May.
The gala passport is on sale now with prices starting at $66.

For tickets and more information visit


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