ComediHa! Billy Tellier and Mario Jean gala goes down a storm

ComediHa! Billy Tellier and Mario Jean gala goes down a storm

Review by Carrianne Bell

On Saturday night, the final gala of the Comediha! Festival was  presented at the Grande Theatre, Quebec City. Following the same format as previous galas, it was filmed, with each half destined for its own hour of television. Hosted by Billy Tellier and Mario Jean, this gala closed the festival in grand style.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Tellier and Jean. Without resorting to dirty humour, they were effective at giving the audience what they wanted: belly wrenching laughs. Being a single forty-something myself, the opening gag about going through a mid-life crisis really hit home with me. I saw myself in many of their observations and really enjoyed their humour.

Of the many guests who presented short 10-12 minute stand up routines, there were a few that stood out as the stars of the show. Alex Perron, who has not graced the stage for the past four years, was clearly the entertainer of the night. He was vulgar, yet sophisticated at the same time. Although definitely 100% adult content, I have not laughed like that in a very long time. He might be one of the funniest men on the planet. I hope that he develops a longer act, so I can go and enjoy an entire night of him.

Other standards were Sylvain Laroche, talking about becoming old enough to be a “monsieur,”  Daniel Grenier who used objects chosen by the hosts for his gags and Dominic and Martin, who honestly, I have no recollection of what they talked about.

The low point of the night was Les Denis Drolets. Either you like them or you don’t. Personally after about two minutes of them, I had the sudden urge to check my phone, go to the bathroom, or basically do anything else other than sit there and watch them. In fact, if someone had offered to yodel in my ear, I would have taken them up on the offer.

My favourite part of any gala that I saw was undoubtedly the sketches. Patrice L’Ecuyer was in an incredible sketch the preceeding Saturday, so I had high hopes this time. I unfortunately, was sorely disappointed. The sketch was based off the ridiculousness of all the anniversary celebrates happening in Canada this year, and they were trying humorously talk about Quebec City’s 409th. Other than the first “colon” coming out dressed as an actual colon, it was flat. Adding to the bad jokes, they brought out Les Denis Drolets again, which actually resulted in a few people in my row getting up and leaving early.

All in all, the ComediHa! festival is a great event. The different venues around the city provided great shows, with the modest festival pass price. I really enjoyed walking through the grounds and catching bits of shows here and there. It brought a lot of life into the city and was a wonderful way to kick the summer off.

My suggestion for next year? Skip the high gala prices and just organically enjoy the festival as you stroll through the old city.


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