Coming soon: More speed cameras on Quebec roads

Coming soon: More speed cameras on Quebec roads

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 October 2015 – The government of Quebec has just finalised a tender put out three years ago for the installation of 36 new photo-radar cameras that will be installed throughout the province in the coming weeks. Some of these new cameras will be mobile, meaning they can be placed wherever and whenever the Sûreté du Québec decides they want to survey traffic at any given place or time.

Quebec City and surrounding area will be the most surveyed area in the province per capita. The city itself has chosen certain areas that the MTQ (Ministère des Transport Québec) will be using as focal points for the new cameras.

The cost of installing the new cameras is estimated at about $30 million which will be absorbed by the province. The revenue collected from fines will be deposited in a Quebec Road Safety Fund where the money will be divided up into municipalities to be directed towards further safety measures in the cities and towns of the province.

Some of the same cameras will be used to identify drivers who do not obey yellow or red lights and will be fined accordingly.

Fines from photo-radars will not affect the number of demerit points on a driver’s record.

So drivers beware, you are being watched.

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