Commemorative bronze medal for Quebec City Hall square

Commemorative bronze medal for Quebec City Hall square

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 September 2015 – The new Parvis de l’Hotel de Ville (City Square) which has just been completely revamped at a cost of $21.8 million will soon be graced with a 3 metre diameter bronze medallion to commemorate the old city as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The medal was designed in Quebec City but was manufactured at a foundry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There was no foundry in Quebec capable of producing such a large piece made solely of bronze.

The design includes a relief of the old city and is embossed with the city’s new slogan Accent d’Amerique with a reference to UNESCO World Heritage engraved on the outer edge in French.

The medal cost $65,000 and will be installed and dedicated at a ceremony at the end of October on the grounds of City Hall.

The city’s vice president in charge of culture Julie Lemieux, believes the piece will be an inspiration for all residents of the city, and was planned as part of the new renovations which have taken place over the last two years at City Hall.

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