Communications Consulting

Communications Consulting


Design & Illustration . Project Facilitation . Writing & Editing

Often, the key to successful communication lies in a combination of effective text and striking images that enable the viewer to imagine themself as a participant or active observer.  This is equally true for scientific articles, nonprofit outreach efforts, business marketing projects, and personal communication.  As a native English speaker who is a trained artist, naturalist, educator, and project manager, I am passionate about assisting you in communicating expressively, effectively and appropriately.


Design & Illustration

Images document and tell stories, record biological information, and enhance communication efforts about projects, products and services.  Customized unique illustrations enable you to emphasize specific aspects of your project or story beyond even the capacity of photography.

I offer original pen-and-ink, graphite, and watercolor illustrations, and color and black-and-white photography tailored to suit your project needs.


Facilitation & Planning

Projects and programs with high impact and longevity owe their success in large part to intentional planning and management. Identifying your objectives, target audience and internal capacity to deliver are key aspects of this process. Just as, often, an external objective perspective is an asset.

I offer consultation and facilitation services for a range of project and program development efforts.


Writing, Reviewing & Copy Editing

As with images, the words you use to convey a message express meaning, evoke reactions, and ideally, actively engage the reader or listener in your material. Compelling text is essential to the dissemination of scientific information (to peers or the general public), news, business information, organization management documents and of course, literature.

I offer copy editing, content review and writing for scientific, technical, educational, nonprofit, commercial and personal projects.


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Website: Bethann Garramon Merkle

My resume, illustration portfolio, project samples, and previous client comments are available upon request (serious inquiries only).

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