Community Christmas Hamper Campaign 2010 – Update

Community Christmas Hamper Campaign 2010 – Update

Jan Anderson-Toupin, from Hamper HQ, informs us that the campaign is going well.

CBC Radio Quebec AM's Susan Campbell interviewing some of the helpers.

Most of the work is done but there’s still the deliveries to make on Saturday morning (December 18th) and there is still time to donate items if you’d like to (see details at the bottom).

The 2010 campaign target is $20,000 and at noon, Thursday December 16th, this stood at 

$ 17 940,75.

Come on Quebec City – there’s still time.


 The following donations were received up until noon on December 16, 2010

Bronze category ($10-$75)

Just some of the food donated and or purchased for the 2010 campaign.

Anonymous – 14 donations, Elizabeth Ableson, Jean Allaire, Frances Armstrong, Michael Ayre, Peter Beattie, Susanne Bergmann, Patricia Bilodeau, Ronald E. Blair, Jeannette Blais, Alice G. Bleau, David & Marion Blinco, Denise & Brian Bowman, Roberta Branion, Hilda Byrne, Sihai Chen, Solange Chevrier Vouvé, Madeleine Corcoran Grenier, Janet Coulombe, Sister Joan DeGrace, Denis DuGuay, Clorinde Desjardins, James Eames, Rosemary Gell, Lilian Gillard, Esther Greaves, Pauline Griffin, Françoise Haeberlé, Joan Holton, Doreen Jack, JHCP Staff, Vivian R. Johnson, Joan Joli-Coeur, Diane Kameen, Veronica Kelly, John Keys, Joanne King, Alma Labar, Veronica S. Laverdière, Joan Law, Patricia Joan Lefebvre, Les Traductions Tradufor enr, Margaret W. Letendre, Hugues Létourneau, Joan Luckman Kenny, Hazel McElroy, Helen Montgomery, Lorne Mulroney, Daniel O’Connor, Thomas O’Grady, Frank & Helen Pouliot, Donald Quinn, William Ray, Daniel Rouleau, Neil Rourke, Daniel Shier, George Small, Beulah A Smith-Evans, Norma Smith, Gordon Taylor, Mary L. Thaler, Marcia Theriault, Joan F. Trepanier, Hazel Wallace, John Whitt, Julie Wilkinson, Karen P. Williamson,

Silver category ($76-$200)

Hamper boxes ready.

Anonymous – 4 donations, Anderson-Toupin Family, Diana Banks, Marilyn Baxter, Keith Louis Boeckner & Joan Polfuss Boeckner, Luc Bouchard & Lisa Shortt, Bouvier Électronique Inc., Catholic Women’s League of Shannon, Champlain Teacher’s Union, Elizabeth Christman, Elizabeth Clibbon, Margaret Cornforth, Frank Coveney, Winnifred Crawford, Constance J. Crossland, Hugh Fraser, Kevin & Ellie Fleming, Denis Fortin, Brian A. Garneau & Tobey Hayden, Beatrice Gaw, Thomasina Hannan, Elsie Jewell, Murray Kam, Patricia Kiley, Darlene Lacharité, Sheila Léger, Patricia Lemieux, Mamie’s Basket, Hugh W. Martin, Maureen Martin, John Michael McCormack, Clive & Diana Meredith, Shirley Nadeau, Michael Neville, Gail Quinn, John Rogers, Bernice Simons, St. Andrew’s United Church, Robert Stewart, Catherine Viner, 


 Gold category ($201-$500)

Anonymous – 2 donations, Helga Guderly, Hôpital Vétérinaire Lachapelle, Beverley White

Platinum category ($500 and up)

Catholic Women’s League of Canada St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Eastern Quebec Learning Centre, Jeffery Hale Community Services Staff, St. Stephen’s and St. Vincent’s Church, Quebec Baptist Church.

If you want to volunteer some time and energy to help those in-need this Christmas, please call us today 418 684-5333 Ext 1539 to sign up for one or more of these exciting volunteer opportunities. We guarantee it will stretch your heart muscles in wonderful new ways!
Wednesday, December 15
11 am to 6 pm Nonperishable collection crew needed to pick-up canned goods from various sites across the city, transport and unload items at CEGEP St-Lawrence
5:30 pm to midnight Sorting crew needed to sort and count donated items
Thursday, December 16
Noon to 4 pm Strong team to help unload delivery trucks bearing frozen turkeys, fresh produce and other items
2 to 4 pm Box makers to prepare and label hamper boxes
Friday, December 17
9 am to noon and/or 1 to 4:30 pm Hamper packing crew to place purchased and donated items into hamper boxes
Saturday, December 18
8:30 or 9 am Shifts Drivers with cars and helpers with strong back to deliver hampers from CEGEP St.-Lawrence to those in need. Morning coffee, map and instructions will be provided.
Other helpers are needed to man refreshment tables, greet volunteers, take photos and be congenial gophers!
Photos: Jan Anderson-Toupin

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