Computer hitch causes double payments for welfare recipients in October

Computer hitch causes double payments for welfare recipients in October

A major mess occurred in the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity, (Ministère de l’Emploi et Solidarité) which issued an immense amount of duplicate welfare checks for the month of October. The checks were of course a welcome surprise for those recipients in need, but are causing huge headaches to the government and financial institutions alike.

For now, the Department refuses to say how many of the 450,000 recipients received their check twice. But many check cashing businesses confirm being literally stormed by people who had received two copies of their check in October and who wanted to change them into instant cash.

The Department spokesman, David McKeown recognizes the mistake and called upon the willingness of those involved to be patient and honest. “Indeed, an operational error occurred while issuing checks for the month of October. The Ministry asked the concerned customers to return one of the two checks to their local employment center, “he said.

“Both checks are duplicates, they have the same number. We contacted the Ministry of Finance to send a warning to all financial institutions to seek their cooperation, “says the spokesman.

In cases where a person has already managed to collect two checks in two institutions, the Ministry ensures that it will trigger the “regular recovery measures” to try to get the money returned.

238 million per month

According to the latest statistical report of the Government of Québec from last July, welfare payments amount to about $ 238 million per month.

Households that receive social assistance, (welfare) receive an average of $ 674 per month and those who benefit from the “Solidarity Social program” (Welfare and housing assistance) receive an average of $ 854 per month.

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