Concrete mixer crumples car in Beauport

Concrete mixer crumples car in Beauport

Main pic: Jaws of Life hydraulic cutting tool. Photo credit: Mbdortmund.

A collision between a cement mixer and a Honda Civic compact car required the use of the Jaws of Life (Hydraulic resuce tool) earlier this week in Beauport, Quebec.

The clash occurred at about 12:35pm last Thursday near the railroad tracks at the corner of the main arteries François-de-Laval and Falls. Traffic was disrupted in the area during lunchtime and part of the afternoon.

According to Christine Lebrasseur, public relations at Service de police de la Ville de Québec (Quebec City Police Service), the collision that could have had serious consequences was limited to crumpled metal.

The driver remained stuck in his small car because of locked doors was released from his unfortunate position. The firefighters were also called to the scene to use the jaws of life to access the interior of the little white Honda.

The man did not seem seriously hurt.

However, he was examined by paramedics, before being released. Fortunately he did not need to be taken to hospital.

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