Conflict in the Parti Québécois over PKP airtime

Conflict in the Parti Québécois over PKP airtime

Main pic: Discours de Pierre Karl Péladeau à des militants péquistes de Pointe-aux-Trembles. Photo credit: Samounet

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 December 2014 – The upper echelons of the Parti Québecois are not happy these days about the free press that their future supposedly leader, Pierre Péladeau is getting in the local media (his media).

The party is in the process of deciding on a new leader who will be chosen next April. The problem arises from the interviews that M. Péladeau is accorded on his own television station, TVA. He has given two rather lengthy interviews, plus his speech during a recent PQ convention was broadcast on the same channel.

For some reason the station, which belongs to Québecor where M. Péladeau is the major shareholder, has allotted M. Péladeau, aka PKP, a lot of air time that his opponents, also running for the leadership of the party, have not had the opportunity to share.

The arguments of course are valid, since he is the only leader that gets all this free airtime, whereas his opponents would have to pay for the same exposure which inadvertently would cut into their expenses for their leadership campaigns. The leaders have a budget of $400,000 each to promote their own leadership capacities. PKP of course has already had hours of air time without it costing him a cent.

As a matter of fact, he is not only getting free exposure but, when he is on the small screen it attracts a lot of viewers which in turn attracts a lot of advertising, which inadvertently is putting money into Québecor and into his pockets. So not only is he getting free TV, he’s actually making money by doing it.

The other candidates in the race would love to have the same chance to be seen on TV and in the newspapers, which are all owned by Québecor.

PKP’s partner and soon to be wife is also getting free coverage on Québecor’s media empire.

It is probably a foregone conclusion that PKP will be chosen as the new leader of the party, and it shows in his interviews, as he already slips in ‘we’s’, referring to the party, instead of ‘me’s’, pertaining to himself.

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