Connections Make Fleur a Happy Medium

Connections Make Fleur a Happy Medium

While technology may make us feel more connected than ever, no cell phone or Wi-Fi signal can pick up the messages that are being sent to us from the spirit world.

“I was very young when I first started to see the spirit world,” says Fleur, a Los Angeles-based psychic medium. “It was a part of my everyday life and I thought everyone could see what I could.”

She says her parents were surprised when she was able to share the nicknames and personal details of people who had passed before her birth. As a university student, Fleur realized she couldn’t switch-off her abilities and decided she would use them to help others connect with their loved ones.

“It was amazing to see how life-changing the readings could be for my clients,” says Fleur. “Once I graduated, I knew that working as a medium was my life’s calling and I have been connecting people to their loved ones on the other side ever since.”

As a medium, Fleur is able to translate between our physical world and the spirit world. Mediums believe that the soul continues on after death and that on the other side, the soul is able to communicate through subtle energetic frequencies.

“People come to see me because they wish to connect to someone who is passed over, and it is a privilege to witness these beautiful connections and how much love there is in the world.”

Fleur says the spirit world communicates with a universal, invisible language.

“When those in spirit step forward, I feel, see, and hear information about who the spirit person is and what they wish to say,” she explains. “This information has to travel from the other side to me here in the physical world, so it isn’t as simple as someone whispering in my ear.”

She says the spirit world sends her message through energy – such as sensations in her body to indicate illness, images like a daydream, and or short words such as “father” to indicate the speaker. She puts together these pieces of information and translates the message into English.

“We don’t see radio waves, yet music travels to us from many miles,” says Fleur. “The spirit world does not have the same constraints of time and space that we do.”

Fleur provides Life Readings and Spirit Communication sessions in-person and by phone, and says both methods provide accurate readings. She also does audience readings, and says she hopes to have some live Canadian readings in the future.

While Fleur has had several television appearances, radio interviews, and even counts singer Lana Del Ray among her clients and friends, Fleur acknowledges that some people may be sceptical about the work she does.

“I think it’s important to have healthy scepticism. It is very valuable when people allow their own experiences to shape their beliefs,” says Fleur.

“It is a huge honour when anyone trusts you and looks to you for help,” she adds.

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