Construction at the Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec to Resume

Construction at the Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec to Resume

The final phase of construction of the Pierre Lassonde Pavillion at the Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) is expected to resume in June 2013 to allow the opening of the new building in the fall of 2015.

Construction at the MNBAQ’s site will restart as soon as the Verreault firm receive the approval of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), who will allow the signing of the contract. Will their official signature, a more detailed timetable for the project can be established.

Following the cancellation of the tender process in June 2012, the potential optimization and cost reduction project were identified. Among the major changes to the project, curtain walls and structural and conventional glass have been simplified without affecting the visual appearance of the structure. Some interior walls have been removed to allow better circulation. Finally, the layout of the tunnel linking the future pavilion to the existing museum complex has been changed. The new route will allow the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion to join the central pavillion rather than the Charles Baillairgé pavilion in order to promote a more functional connection and to expose the famous triptyque de Riopelle , The Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg.
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