Construction Team Strikes an Underground Gas Reserve

Construction Team Strikes an Underground Gas Reserve

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 December 2014 – A construction company was digging some exploratory holes in the ground for a future building project last week when all of a sudden, and quite accidentally, they struck what appears to be a pocket of underground natural gas causing the gas to spew out of the hole just like a real well digging procedure.

The whole episode has caused quite a stir in the area causing an old age home close by, to be evacuated. The Quebec fire department immediately cordoned off the area and installed a temporary chimney in the form of a pipe to direct the gas upwards preventing it from spreading. Right now the chimney is being used as a burn off to control the flow of gas and the situation is being watched on a 24 hour basis by the fire and public safety officials.

Fortunately the whole event is taking place in a vacant field, although close to a hospital, and is not affecting any residential area for the moment. Fire departments have the situation under control.

Since the escaping gas has been capped, the city is now turning to some experts from Alberta to get some advice as to what to do with the makeshift wellhead. It is not known how much gas is under the ground or how long it will take for the gas to dissipate or even if the gas will ever cease to escape.

The gas leak has increased its output in the last few days, causing the officials involved to consult some professionals in the gas business as to what can be done to seal-up or stop the gas from escaping. Until the whole problem is solved, the residence for the elderly will remain evacuated and the fire department is concerned they may even have to evacuate a few houses which are in the vicinity, if things get worse.

According to experts, the chances of hitting an underground gas pocket like this is just as fortunate as winning the lottery.

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